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Fiber to Fiber Media Converters

Single mode fiber optic networks are often used for high-capacity, long distance backbone networks. Single mode fiber is constructed with thin glass strands that have a very small diametrical core which produces low signal attenuation. This single mode fiber construction results in very high data throughput of up to 100Gbps at distances between 10km and 80km (based on cable quality and the transceiver used to drive the light signal). Multimode fiber optic networks also deliver high data throughput, but with lower cost and shorter transmission distances for use within an enterprise. A multimode cable has a larger diametrical core than a single mode fiber, which facilitates more signal attenuation and transmission distances of up to 500 meters for a 10Gbps network signal (based on cable quality and the transceiver used to drive the light signal).

One of the key applications for fiber to fiber media converters is to connect between the two network types at the physical network layer. They can also be used to connect two or more multimode fiber cables to extend the distance of these networks. Media converters also overcome other fiber network connectivity challenges including connecting networks using light sources with different power levels, connecting two networks that utilize different light wavelengths, and connecting single fiber network cables to dual fiber cables.

Transition Networks’ fiber to fiber media converters allow you to extend your network and enhance the security through the use of fiber cabling. Our converters come in two form factors, chassis-based slide-in cards and stand-alone converters, to provide the most high performance flexibility for your network. Our fiber to fiber converters also support multiple protocols and cable types through the use of Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers to be the best fit for your network. View our fiber to fiber media converters below.

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I have been specifically using Transition Networks’ products on my engineering products for over 10 years. I have always been pleased with their products, their support, and their willingness to listen to requests for new product development.

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