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Network Adapters Databus

A databus (or bus) is the interface between the computer’s CPU and a network adapter which connects a peripheral device to the computer. The form factor and throughput performance of a network adapter is dependent on the databus, which is used to communicate between the adapter and the PC’s motherboard. A databus can be serial, using just one line for transferring data, or parallel, using multiple lines for transferring data. Eight lines equates to an 8-bit bus, 16 lines to a 16-bit bus, etc. Common PC serial buses include SATA and USB. Common PC parallel buses are PCI Express (PCIe).

Network adapters, often called network expansion cards or network interface cards (NICs), are typically installed in open network expansion card slots on the back of a PC. Other types of network adapters can be or connected to built-in data ports, such as USB ports, on a PC, thin client, or laptop. Some new compact PCs, such as micros, minis and thin clients, use a small form factor M.2 socket attached to the motherboard for internally mounted expansion cards. All of these types of network adapters can be used to enable fiber-optic network connectivity to the PC, offering improved data security because fiber transmission is more difficult to hack due to its immunity to electromagnetic interface (EMI) and radio frequency interface (RFI).

Transition Networks provides a wide assortment of network adapters that interface with most popular databus options to deliver fiber-to-the-desk solutions for any network. These adapters support multiple Ethernet standards, such as Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission speeds.

Transition Networks’ products meet or exceed our needs. Their people are there to answer our questions and we receive positive feedback from our installers about Transition Networks’ products.

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