Stand-Alone Ethernet Media Converter – J-E-CX-TBT-02

Stand-alone Ethernet Media Converter
10Base-2 to 10Base-T


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10Base-T (RJ-45) [100 m/328 ft.]
to 10Base-2 (BNC) [185 m/607 ft.]


NOTE: Product is not rack-mountable

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The J/E-CX-TBT-02 is a stand-alone Ethernet media converter that provides an interface between 10Base-2 devices and 10Base-T devices, allowing users to connect legacy 10Base-2 BNC ports to Ethernet segments supporting 10Base-T RJ-45 ports. The J/E-CX-TBT-02 does not add the latency associated with a repeater or reduce the total number of repeaters allowed within a given network topology.

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  • Protects your equipment investment by allowing you to upgrade – not replace – your current network
  • Provides (1) RJ-45 twisted pair connector and (1) BNC 10Base-2 compliant port
  • Supports up to (24) devices daisy-chained on (1) coax segment per twisted pair segment
  • MDI/MDI-X selection switch allows converter to be connected to either a workstation/NIC or hub, switches and routers without changing the cable type
  • BNC T-connector included for daisy chain applications


Standards IEEE 802.3
Data Rate 10 Mbps
Switch MDI/MDI-X: Selects correct RJ-45 port setting
Status LEDs PWR (Power): ON = Connected to external power
BNC/ACT (BNC Activity): Flashing = 10Base2
data traffic
TP/ACT (TP Activity): ON = 10Base-T link
connection; Flashing = 10Base-T data traffic
COL (Collision): Flashing = Collision present
Dimensions Width: 2.75” [71 mm]
Depth: 3.7” [94 mm]
Height: 1 [25 mm]"
Power Input External AC/DC: 5 VDC, 1.0 A
Environment Operating: 0°C to 50°C
Humidity: 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Altitude: 0 – 10,000 ft.
Weight 2 lbs. [0.90 kg]
Compliance Safety: Wall Mount Power Supply:
UL Listed and CSA certified;
CISPR22/EN55022 Class A,
FCC Class A, CE Mark
Warranty Lifetime

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10Base-T (RJ-45) [100 m/328 ft.]
to 10Base-2 (BNC) [185 m/607 ft.]

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NOTE: Product is not rack-mountable