4-Slot Media Converter Shelf – RMS19-SA4-01

4-Slot Media Converter Shelf


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4-Slot Media Converter Shelf

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The RMS19-SA4-01 is a non-powered, 1RU, 19″ rack mount shelf that is designed to hold up to 4 of Transition Networks single height stand-alone media converters.


  • Space Saving Design: save rack space in low density deployments: 19” rack mount, 1RU high.
  • Flexible: mix and match up to 4 Transition Networks stand-alone media converters (excluding double-high models).
  • Non-powered Design: don’t pay for power supplies twice. This low cost design allows the use of the power supplies that ship with the media converter.
  • Power Cord Tie-Downs: eliminates the accidental disconnection of power supplies from the media converters.
  • Converter Mounting Brackets
  • Securely mounts the converters to the shelf.
  • Includes universal rack mount media converter brackets.
  • Optional Faceplate Blanks are available to cover up unused slots.
  • Rack mount up to 4 stand-alone devices in 1 unpowered shelf.


Dimensions Width: 17" [432 mm]
Depth: 6" [152 mm]
Height: 1.75” [44 mm]
Weight 3 lbs. [1.35 kg]
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4-Slot Media Converter Shelf

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