A Software Plugin for Monitoring Alarms and Quick Links for Transition Networks Switches

Milestone XProtect Integration

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Software Plugin for Milestone’s XProtect VMS

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The MS-PLUGIN-01 is a software plugin for use with Milestone’s XProtect Video Management System (VMS). This plugin provides an integration between Milestone’s XProtect VMS and the Managed Switches with Device Management System (DMS) Software from Transition Networks. The software integration is designed to make it simpler for security and network administrators to manage both their video endpoints and the networks in which they are deployed. This solution provides users with deep network visibility, secure remote diagnostics, and rich insights about the connected devices.

The MS-PLUGIN-01 can be installed in two locations. It can be installed on the computer running the Milestone Event Server so that the Event Server can listen for Syslog Events from the Transition Networks Switches. It can also be installed on any Smart Client computer running on the same networks as the switches, offering control of certain switch functions via the hot button links.


  • Listens for Syslog events from Transition Networks’ switches
    • Authentication
    • Failed Authentication
    • Boot
    • Configuration
    • Failed Configuration
    • Link Status
    • Network Events
    • PoE Events
  • Rules can be configured to act on the Syslog events
  • Alarms may be defined
  • Control of the network switches through a Milestone Smart Client workspace
  • Adding Transition Networks’ switches to Maps
  • Hot Buttons directly linked to key switch functions


Quick Links

A menu of common tasks that provide instant access to the following management features

  • PoE Status
  • Manual PoE reboot by port
  • Auto Power Reset
  • Topology View
  • Cable Diagnostics
  • Detailed Port Statistics


System The system must be running Milestone XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert, and Corporate 2019R1 or later and meet
all the Milestone prerequisites
Visual C++ Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 64 bit is required to run the client-side part of the plugin

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Software Plugin for Milestone’s XProtect VMS

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