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Free to Download, files available under Resources

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Transition Networks’ SNMP software management platform, Focal Point, is free of charge and is available to users with any chassis or management card purchase. Focal Point is designed to offer full SNMP read/write management capabilities via a user friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

Focal Point software allows the user to enable and disable features incorporated into each of the devices. Focal Point has several new unique features to simplify network administration.

Management Security

Password (a.k.a Community names)
Two levels of access privileges are password protected.

  • Read access (monitor ONLY) – a Community Name with a particular set of privileges to monitor the network without the right to change any of its configuration
  • Read/Write (View & make changes) – a Community Name with an extended set of privileges to monitor the network as well as actively change any of its configuration

Transition Networks management agent contains an internal IP firewall. This built-in filter examines each incoming packet to determine whether to forward it to the management or to discard it. The decision is based on user-defined rules. These rules are entered in the Command Line Interface. Once the rule is entered the firewall matches packets based on source IP address, destination protocol, destination port, or some combination of the three. Each rule also contains a “drop” or “pass” action, making it possible to configure the filter with either a “default accept” or a “default deny” philosophy.

Filtermac can be used in conjunction with its firewall feature. The FILTERMAC allows the user to specify up to four trusted Ethernet Hardware addresses (i.e. MAC addresses) that are permitted to send IP packets to the Agent. Once this feature is used no other MAC addresses are permitted access to the management information.

SNMP messages originating from outside of the local subnet are ignored unless the Management Module has a Telnet session connected to the same IP address. This feature is designed to make it much more difficult for outside intruders to make changes to management settings via a method known as “IP Spoofing.” In an IP Spoofing attack, the intruder configures an attacking computer to assume the identity of a trusted computer (NMS) in order to bypass firewall security measures. This deters intrusions by making the IP spoofing of SNMP datagrams much more difficult.

Lock/Unlock CLI
LOCK / UNLOCK – The LOCK command allows the CLI to be locked so that no commands can be entered. (Unsolicited log messages are still displayed, and SNMPLOCK functionality is still active when the console is locked.) Once the console is locked, it remains locked to all users regardless of the access method until UNLOCK command is used.

The Agent sends Coldstart traps when it is rebooted and enterprise specific Error/Error Clear traps when Ethernet link goes down or up. Unexpected receipt of these traps could indicate that an attack is in progress.


  • Tree View for all loaded/discovered IPs
  • Pop-up eliminator/minimizer
  • Save settings tab required to implement changes
  • GUI interface divided into 3 distinct sections that can be re-sized or hidden at user discretion
  • GUI interface displays entire chassis within a single screen viewer
  • Enable/Disable buttons for each feature
  • Zoom in view for all cards in chassis
  • Universal Trap Viewer allows viewers to receive all traps, including traps from third party devices, on the network
  • One-click-telnet
  • Upgrade tool
  • Live-chat with Transition Networks’ Tech support personnel
  • Direct links to product literature such as datasheets, manuals and release notes
  • Email notification and audible alarms


Software Platforms Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 32 bit, Windows XP® 32 bit, and Windows XP 64 bit, Sun Solaris 2.6 or higher, HP-UX 10.20 or higher, Java™ Runtime Engine (JRE™) 2 version 1.5.0 or higher (required).

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Focal Point Software

Free to Download, files available under Resources

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