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Transition Networks

Choosing the best switch for your IP camera network

Distance is no matter for IP camera networks powered by Transition Networks

We’ve packed our switches with features to make launching and managing your network easier.

Accessibility Challenges

For businesses that require outdoor surveillance cameras located at hundreds of facilities across the country, managing and powering all of their security cameras remotely can be difficult. IT specialists at a company’s headquarters need a quick and easy way to access the network of cameras at each site to view footage, assess a potential problem, or repair an issue.

An additional challenge is finding an ideal switch to power the cameras, allow for remote management and is small enough to efficiently fit into exterior cabinets. One company engaged us with this exact request and we quickly knew the right solution for them: Transition Networks’ Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet) and PoE++ switches

Transition Networks Solution

Each of our PoE+ and PoE++ switches is designed to suit different needs. Our customer selected Transition Networks’ switches after reviewing the advantages our technology would bring to their project.

Easy upkeep

Device Management System (DMS) Software makes the upkeep of your switches easy as it provides time-saving features enabling the end-user to establish and document a baseline deployment, and automatically discover and remotely configure attached IP-addressable PDs (powered devices). Through various views, such as a graphical topology view, floor view, or using Google Maps™ mapping service, the user can easily and remotely locate and keep track of their devices, as well as access those devices directly through the switch improving uptime and management of the cameras.

Quick installation

Need to configure a lot of switches? Near Field Communication (NFC) allows simple and repeatable configuration of the self-enclosed switch with a user-friendly mobile app.

Streamlined repairs and troubleshooting

Having cameras in multiple remote locations adds another layer of management difficulty to make even basic physical troubleshooting, like camera rebooting, a challenge. To resolve this, Transition Networks’ Auto Power Reset (APR) feature saves on truck rolls to remote locations by monitoring and automatically restarting the connected devices in the event of lock-ups, glitches, or power failures. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on the self-enclosed switch allows remote access to alarm information or to read or change equipment settings without requiring physical access using ladders or scissor lifts.

Durable design

Installed outside, our hardened switches are designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to +75°C). Our self-enclosed switch is sealed against intrusion from dirt, dust, and moisture. You can be sure your Transition Network switches will operate no matter what elements come their way.

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Connecting, powering, and managing a nationwide network of security cameras and access control across hundreds of locations can be simplified thanks to the PoE, management features, and performance of Transition Networks’ hardened PoE switches and DMS software.

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I’ve used Transition Networks’ products in my customer installations for years. I’ve always found their products, customer service, sales, and tech support to be top-notch. I wouldn’t even consider using another brand.

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