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Transition Networks is wholly owned by Lantronix, Inc.

Transition Networks

End of Life (EOL) Products

With our commitment to continuous improvement, Transition Networks is consistently enhancing our products which means we sometimes have to discontinue older versions. If you have bought products that are now discontinued, we offer ongoing support and easy access to materials and resources.  Listed below are all “End of Life” products and their corresponding resources.

Date of EOLSKUReplacement PartCurrent AlternativesResourcesEOL Notice
Dec 2, 2005 MIL-S16000TUS
Dec 2, 2005 MIL-C6416LX-50
Dec 2, 2005 MIL-S16000TUK
Nov 30, 2005 MIL-SM2401MUS
Nov 30, 2005 MIL-SM2401MUK
Nov 30, 2005 MIL-SM2401MEU
Nov 18, 2005 METTF1013-060
Nov 18, 2005 METTF1013-120
Nov 18, 2005 METTF1011-060
Nov 18, 2005 METTF1011-120
Nov 18, 2005 METTF1012-060
Nov 18, 2005 METTF1012-120
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-3410X3
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-P3720
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-1240SX
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-1240LX
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-240TRM
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-240TX
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-240FXC
Nov 1, 2005 MIL-240FXT

I’ve used Transition Networks’ products in my customer installations for years. I’ve always found their products, customer service, sales, and tech support to be top-notch. I wouldn’t even consider using another brand.

Senior Project Manager at IT Solutions Provider


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